I need to do some digging around my house. Should I rent excavation equipment and do the work myself ?

You have some work that needs to be done around your home, perhaps adding a garage, and some earth has to be moved. All kinds and sizes of equipment can be rented. Doing the work yourself can seem exciting, who doesn’t want to have some fun and save some money at the same time. The question is, are you really making the right decision? There are two options: rent equipment yourself and try to complete the work in a safe and timely manner, or hire someone to do it for you. yanmarMost rental companies will deliver the equipment to your location. But do you have the skills to run the equipment properly and in a safe manner? Can you get the work done and not interfere with wires and underground lines? Can you be sure you will not damage an existing building or the trees and shrubs that are part of your landscape? Where will you put the material you remove? Will you get the work done and not slow the project down? If you hire someone, ensure they are skilled to complete the work and have proven experience. Are they learning to use the equipment on your job? Many individuals do not own their equipment, they rent as needed and then attempt to do your job. Prices will vary, as do skills and competency. If you choose a service based upon price, and they are not efficient, the job may take longer, there may be damage to your lawn or asphalt, fences and buildings. What seems like a good deal, now costs you more, causing a delay to other steps in your project. Select an contractor that provides a skilled operator with reliable equipment, who agrees on a schedule so you can keep your project on track. Getting the work done properly and in a safe and efficient way is always the best plan.

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